· Matt Rogers

How Much Does A Golf Cart Cost


Buying a new golf cart can feel a lot like buying a new car. And while golf carts don’t offer options from self crank windows to air conditioned seats, there’s a wide array of features you can choose or ignore that can impact the price you’ll pay for a new golf cart. Just like when it comes time to go to a car dealership, the better prepared you are, the happier you will be with your new purchase. 

As you choose your next golf cart there’s plenty to keep in mind. And much of what you choose can impact the price you’ll pay. Let’s say you’ve got your heart set on a new E-Z-Go model.

It goes without saying, the make and model you choose will determine where the price begins, a new Ford F-150 is going to cost more than a Dodge Dart.  

Gas or battery

While both power options have their benefits, going with a lithium battery option will typically increase the price of your E-Z-Go golf cart by about 20%. The cost savings however can be recouped by having no future fuel costs. 


Cost can also be impacted when it comes time to choose your color. For example the new E-Z-Go Freedom RXV Elite comes with standard color options of blue, black, red, gray and white. When it comes time to see an upgrade though is when you decide to change your color to something like Almond or Metallic Charcoal. Pricing increases can range anywhere for $300 to $500. 


If you want to have your golf cart flash, depending on the model, upgrading from the standard wheels can bump the price up from the standard model by as much as $500. 


Unless you plan on taking the convertible approach where you store your golf cart in the garage and only bring it out on sunny days, you’ll want a top on your cart. Depending on your model and brand, a top will likely be $400 or more. It’s something you’ll be glad you had the first time you are driving the neighborhood and a spring shower pops up. 

Windshields can also be included and also have the ability to be tinted. 

Other features

If you can dream it, chances are RMI can deliver it. Besides the previously mentioned, there’s some other features that are available from the factory. 

Some of those include: 

  • Premium or two-toned seats

  • Audio systems and speakers

  • LED Lights

  • Glove boxes

  • Turn signals

It’s hard to say exactly what the right fit for you is in terms of a new golf cart. The best way to find out what you need is to head into our showroom or website and look around. With our years of expertise, we’re happy to help guide you to a golf cart you’ll love for years to come.