· Matt Rogers

How To Fix A Golf Cart Flat Tire

There are number of ways that can lead to a flat tire. However, this does not mean that you have to haul your golf cart to the nearest repair shop every time. This post will give you complete instructions on how to replace and fix a flat tire on your golf cart. 

Replace the Tire

Most golf carts of recent times have tubeless tires. This gives you enough time to make your way to a flat surface for replacing the tire. Here is what you will need to repair golf cart tire.

  • Floor jack
  • Socket
  • Ratchet wrench
  • Replacement tire

You can replace a golf cart flat tire in three easy steps. However, make sure that the ignition is off before you begin replacing a tire. You should also ensure that the cart is in park with the brake on to avoid any nasty surprises.

Step 1: Use the Floor Jack

It is advisable that you bring the golf cart to a flat surface if possible. This will allow you to place the small floor jack correctly under the vehicle frame. Be sure to place the jack under the axle and not the cart body. Do not raise the golf cart right away. You need to remove the lug nuts first.

Step 2: Remove the Nuts

Remove the wheel cover to start on the lug nuts. Use a right sized socket and ratchet wrench to loosen the nuts. However, do not remove them completely. Raise the golf cart so that the flat tire is barely off the ground.

Remove the lug nuts and be sure to keep them safe. Nuts are prone to rolling off under the cart in difficult to reach places. Remove the tire and replace it with a new one.

Step 3: Fix the New Tire

Put on the new tire by fixing it on the spokes. Replace all the lug nuts and screw them on one by one. You do not need to tighten them right away. Lower the jack until there is just enough pressure on the new tire to prevent it from slipping.

Use the socket to tighten all lug nuts. Make sure that you do this right to prevent the new wheel from coming right off. Next, lower the cart all the way until it rests equally on all 4 wheels and replace the wheel cover.

You can easily replace a flat tire on your golf cart with these steps. However, it is possible that you might not have a spare at all times. This is where fixing a flat tire comes in handy.

Fix  a Flat Tire

One of the most popular golf cart flat tire fixing kits available in the market are from E-Z-Go. The E-Z-Go tire repair kit makes it convenient for you to fix a flat in minutes.

What does it include?

The kit comes complete with everything you need to fix a flat. You will not have to buy any unnecessary tools or parts. The components of an E-Z-Go tire repair kit are as below:

  • Pliers
  • Probe Tool & Nozzle
  • Rasp Tool
  • Plug Gun
  • Plugs
  • Retractable Razor

All these parts come in a handy parts bag to keep it all in one place.

Safety Gear

Every DIY job entails safety precautions. It is no different to repair golf cart tire. You need to make sure that you have the following safety equipment handy before you undertake a job.

  • Safety Glasses
  • Protective Footwear
  • Protective Gloves
  • Protective Apron

The Procedure

You need to make sure that the ignition is off and park brake is set before you attempt at removing a flat tire. Once the flat tire removed, follow these simple steps to repair the damage.

Check for Leaks

It is advisable to check for additional damage even if the obstruction is obvious. You need to consider the possibility that there might be more than one hole or leak. Pour small amounts of soap solution on the tire slowly making sure to cover all spots.

Bubbles will appear wherever there is a leak or a hole. Alternatively, if you have a large enough tub, you can even dunk the entire tire in soapy water. This will give you a true picture of the number of holes and leaks.

Remove Obstruction

Use the handy pliers to remove any obstructions you see in the tire surface. It is recommended to remove small stones even where there is no hole. You can prolong the life of your tire by doing this. Some obstructions could be embedded deep into the rubber. Use a combination of twisting and pulling to pry it free from the tire.

Inspect the Area

There could be small bits left in the hole. Use the probe tool to inspect it thoroughly by digging it deep.

Ream Out the hole

The rasp tool is handy in reaming out any damaged area. This step is necessary to ensure that the tire plug sets in perfectly. Push the tool inside the damaged area completely in a screw motion.

Plug the Hole

E-Z-Go tire kits come complete with tire plugs. Remove nozzle of the plug gun and insert a tire plug in it. Use the nozzle adapter to push the plug head all the way into the barrel. Now, attach the nozzle and push it into the damaged area.

Insert the plug by making use of the crank handle. Make sure that you leave a finger width space on the plunger. This will ensure that there is a small piece of plug stem remaining at the top for you to set it properly. Release the crank and repeat the process one more time. Slowly pull out the plug gun and nozzle in one easy motion.

Set Plunger

Use pliers to set the plunger in properly by pulling out a small bit and then pushing it in the whole way.

Trim Plug Stem

Use the retractable razor to evenly cut the plug stem at tire tread level.


It is extremely easy to fix flat tire when the damaged area is small. However, with proper care and regular maintenance you can ensure that your tires are not damaged. The right tire repair kit can make repairing painless and uncomplicated.

Swing by RMI the next time you need to get a new tire, or if you aren't up for the job yourself.