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Advantages of Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

Golf is one of the most relaxing sports in the world. It is a way to get away from all of the pressure and stress of daily life while working on a worthwhile hobby. Many golfers can agree that the use of a golf cart during a round is the way to go. Eliminating the strain of walking 18 holes makes golf an easier game on the body that can be played well into old age. Golf cart technology has advanced to the point where golf courses and individuals no longer have to rely on gas powered motors. Lithium powered golf carts are the way of the future. E-Z-Go golf carts now offers the Elite Lithium model that is changing the golf cart industry. Here are just a few of the many advantages of lithium powered golf carts.

Batteries that do not require maintenance

As most golf courses know, traditional golf cart batteries can require quite a bit of maintenance. However, with lithium ion golf cart batteries, you do not need to water your batteries, clean the terminal posts, and check for power holding on a regular basis. Your golf course will be able to save countless hours of maintenance work by using lithium ion golf cart batteries. Your staff will be overjoyed at the new found freedom they have to devote to other important golf issues on the course.

Your golf carts will be lighter

One of the heaviest parts of a golf cart is the clunky battery underneath the seat. On days that are wetter than most, this extra weight can cause the tires of a golf cart to dig into fairways and other areas. When switching over to lithium ion batteries, your golf carts will weigh hundreds of pounds less due to the removal of lead acid. The turf is one of your most valuable assets on your course. Having lighter carts will help you protect your fairways while giving your golfers a much more rewarding golf experience.

A battery that doesn't quit

One of the biggest detriments to a golf course is any down time. Most golfers are very busy businessmen who need to get out onto the course as quickly as possible. When your carts are down for service, this can cause hold ups that will give your course a bad reputation. Samsung SDI lithium batteries are controlled by a battery management system that ensures performance day in and day out. Efficiency, the state of charge, temperature, and the health of the battery are all easy to access. The same lithium ion technology that is being used in these golf carts has also been tested in electric cars, power tools, scooters, and other electronic devices.

Get the power you need

In mountain golf courses especially, one of the biggest complaints of golfers is the lack of power that golf carts have during hill climbs. With lithium technology, you will be able to give your golfers the power they want and need. No longer will you have carts that are struggling to get up those steeper hills on your course. This will also speed up play which will allow you to book more groups each day.

Become an eco-friendly golf course

Battery recycling can be pretty damaging to the environment. However, with lithium ion batteries, you will be able to spend less time in the recycling process and more time driving on the course. Batteries are always going to be more eco-friendly than the gas powered alternative. This zero-emissions option will be a great way to market your course as a forward thinking course that is protecting the natural environment.

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E-Z-GO is now offering 0% for 48 months!

Owning an E-Z-GO has never been more affordable!

E-Z-GO has partnered with Sheffield Financial to provide fixed, straight, installment loans for purchases of E-Z-GO vehicles. Sheffield offerings valid through May 31st include:

  • • 0% interest rate for 48 months
  • • 1.99% interest rate for 36 months
  • • 5.99% interest rate for 60 months ($4,000 Min)




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E-Z-GO Offers Extended Warranty

E-Z-GO is now offering an extended warranty program on New Freedom Gas RXV and TXT Models. Freedom's come with a standard 36 month warranty. Now, you can purchase a 12 month extended warranty for a cost of $499. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the E-Z-GO Extended Warranty cover? A. The E-Z-GO Extended Warranty covers the repair or replacement of factory-installed drive train parts, including engine, CVT drive system, and transaxle.

2. When does coverage begin? A. Coverage under the E-Z-GO Extended Warranty begins when manufacturer’s warranty term has expired. For example, on a Valor, manufacturer’s warranty is 12 months from vehicle registration. With a 12 month E-Z-GO Extended Warranty, coverage begins in the 13th month and lasts through the 24th month from vehicle registration.

3. What happens if a customer sells or trades their vehicle? A. The E-Z-GO Extended Warranty is not transferable to a new owner.

4. If modifications are made to the vehicle, will the E-Z-GO Extended Warranty still cover the vehicle? A. Any modifications or alterations made to the vehicle that go beyond any E-Z-GO Genuine Parts and Pro-Fit® accessories are not covered under the E-Z-GO Extended Warranty.

5. Is the E-Z-GO Extended Warranty accepted at all dealerships? A. Yes, all E-Z-GO authorized dealers will accept the E-Z-GO Extended Warranty.

6. When can the E-Z-GO Extended Warranty be purchased? A. The E-Z-GO Extended Warranty can only be purchased within 30 days of vehicle registration.

7. Can this be sold in commercial applications? A. No. The E-Z-GO Extended Warranty is not for commercial customers.


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Introducing the New E-Z-GO Freedom RXV Limited Edition

Upgrade the unmatched performance of the Freedom® RXV® with unmatched style and class. This vehicle offers the ultimate package with a luxury automotive paint scheme and premium, two tone vinyl seats. Top it off with a sleek, 12” wheel, fold-down windshield and black sun canopy, and you’ve got the envy of the neighborhood. Of course, what’s on the inside counts too. This limited edition vehicle comes equipped with the Smart Link™ golf car monitoring system making this the smartest, most stylish vehicle on the market.

We only have 6 available so get yours while they last! Remember, there is  financing available on all New E-Z-GO Units!

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E-Z-GO and Bad Boy Spring Sales Event!

With Spring quickly approaching I'm happy to announce the E-Z-GO and Bad Boy Buggy's Spring Sale Event has started! The Sales event runs through May 31st So dont hesitate in taking advantage of the great offer.

Eligible Units are as follows:


  • 2014 E-Z-GO Units - $500 Rebate
  • 2015 E-Z-GO Units - $250 Rebate


Please Note that Valor's, and 2Five models are excluded from this program.


  • 2015 Bad Boy Buggy Sport Models - $500


Please Note - Sport Models Include the Ambush iS, Recoil Crew, Recoil iS, Instinct, and Recoil


We have shipments arriving now on the full 2015 lineup for both Bad Boy and E-Z-GO models. We do have a few of the 2014 E-Z-GO models left in the Express S4 so grab them while they last.

Please contact us at 913-829-122 with any questions about this sales program. 


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E-Z-GO and Bad Boy Extend Fall Sales Promotion!

I'm pleased to announce that E-Z-GO and Bad Boy have announced their Fall Sales Promotion good on all remaining 2014 models!

  • 2014 E-Z-GO ELECTRIC Freedom, Express S4, Express S6, and Terrain models receive a $500 unit rebate!
  • 2014 E-Z-GO GASOLINE Freedom, Express S4, Express S6, and Terrain models receive a $300 unit rebate!
  • 2014 Bad Boy Buggies Sport Series Units will receive a $500 per unit rebates! (Instinct, Recoil, Recoil iS, and Ambush iS)

This promotion is only good until 12/31/2014, so dont delay! Also, keep in mind there are great financing options as well. 0% for 24 months!

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Summer Sales Event - E-Z-GO and Bad Boy!!

I'm pleased to announce that both E-Z-GO and Bad Boy Buggies have kicked off a great new summer sales event! E-Z-GO is offering rebates of $250 for 2014 Freedom RXV's and $300 off 2014 Terrain and Express Models! Bad Boy rebates of $500 are available for all new 2014 Sport Series Models! That does include the new Hybrid Ambush iS, Recoil, Recoil iS, and Instinct.


Don't forget about the great financing options as well. 0% financing for 24 months is available! Don't wait! This Summer Sales Events ends July 31st!

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2014 Kansas City Golf Show is almost here!

Its that time of year again when we load up cool carts and display them at many of the local trade shows. We've recently completed the Kansas City Boat Show, RV Show, and the Overland Park Boat Show. A big thanks to everyone that stopped by our booths and purchased new carts!

We are proud to once again sponsor the upcoming Kansas City Golf Show! This a great show at the Overland Park Convention Center February 21-23. We have a good sized booth this year that will feature great looking new golf carts and multi-passenger carts! We encourage everyone to stop by the show and check out all the great deals!

Inventory Update:

We have sold through all remaining 2013 models, however We are taking deliveries of new E-Z-GO RXV and TXT Freedom models this month. We are also taking delivery of new Yamaha EFI's and 2+2 EFI's! Used cars are also starting to roll through here as well. We've already started to see some good looking used fleets and expect that to continue through the spring.

We encourage you to check the inventory section on our website often since things change on a daily basis. If you are looking for something in particular please don't hesitate to give us a shout!

Lets hope this snow melts soon and we look forward to seeing you at the Golf Show!


Matt Rogers 

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Final 2013 Close Out Sale

We only have 5 remaining 2013 models left and they are priced to move! Get an additional $300 off when you purchase a 2013 Bad Boy or E-Z-GO before the end of the year.All remaining models come with full factory warranty.

Here are direct links to the remaining carts:


2013 EZ-GO RXV Gas - Electric Blue
2013 EZ-GO S4 Electric - Molten Red
2013 EZ-GO RXV Electric - Red
2013 Bad Boy Recoil
2013 Bad Boy Ambush


These will go fast. Call RMI today at 913-829-1211 to get your cart before they are gone!  

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2013 Model Year Close Out sale!

If you've been considering buying a new E-Z-GO golf cart to improve your golf game or thought about buying a 4-pass to get around the lake or some property, now is a great time to do so!


The 2014 models are rolling out of the E-Z-GO plant in Augusta so all remaining 2013 model year units need to be moved. They have already been discounted but now E-Z-GO is offering another $250 off of any remaining RXV models and $300 of any remaining Express S4's. 


We currently have some Gas and Electric RXV Freedoms and both Gas and Electric Express S4's available. Quantities are limited. Please call and ask for Matt with any questions.



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