· Matt Rogers

How to Winterize a Golf Cart

Here in the midwest, you probably aren't using your golf cart year round. As a result, you will have to store your golf cart. It is important that you perform proper maintenance to ensure that it is ready for the next season before placing it in storage. This also prolongs the cart’s service life. Along with instructions provided in your owner’s manual, consider the tips contained in this guide on how to winterize a golf cart.

  1. Thoroughly clean the golf cart with soap and water as well as a degreaser or other recommended cleaning products to remove dirt and grime. If not cleaned now, it will be harder to remove later.
  2. Inspect the brakes. Check the cart for damage or other issues like loose nuts, bolts and screws. Make any necessary repairs before placing the cart in storage.
  3. Verify that the tires are properly inflated. The recommend inflation level is on the tire’s sidewall and in the owner’s manual. Replace worn or damaged tires.
  4. Tune up the engine if you own a gas-powered golf cart. The steps include:
      1. Replacing the fuel and air filters
      2. Changing the oil and filter
      3. Removing the old spark plug, pouring a half-ounce of clean oil in the hole and installing a new plug
      4. Draining the fuel tank and running the engine until it stops in order to remove gas from the system as old gas can gum up the fuel lines.
      5. Checking and topping off other fluids
  5. Disconnect the battery cables. Clean the terminal connections, and coat them with anti-corrosion gel. If present, remove the battery caps and check the water level inside each cell. Add distilled water as necessary.
  6. Park the golf cart, and set the transmission switch to neutral. If the cart has a tow/maintenance switch under the seat, set it to the tow position. Release the parking brake to relieve pressure on the cable. Block the tires with bricks or wood chocks.
  7. If possible, store your golf cart in an enclosed garage or climate-controlled storage unit. This will help protect it from the elements. If this is not an option and the vehicle must remain outside, invest in a high-quality cart cover.

Taking the proper steps outlined in your owner’s manual as well as these tips on how to winterize a golf cart will ensure that you are ready for a round when the new season arrives.