· Matt Rogers

DIY Golf Cart Tips

Golf Cart Cleaning Tips

It is advisable to give your cart a good rinse constantly. You should give it a thorough cleaning that includes even the batteries. Water will not affect the vehicle if it is turned off. The only thing that you should avoid is the dashboard area or where there are any electronics. Some corrosion is likely to occur on the battery terminals when it is used continuously. You can get rid of this by getting them wet and adding a bit of baking soda. A toothbrush may come in handy if you want to scrub the corrosion off.

Golf Cart Brake Maintenance

The brakes are one of the most important components of the cart. You can place a jack at the bottom rear end of the car and lift it up to check if they are okay. You can remove the wheels after making sure that it is supported. You can easily check the thickness of the pads after doing this. You can use a blower to blow out any dust that has settled on the brakes.

Screws and Bolts

It might be time to check visible screws and bolts if the golf cart starts to sound squeaky or gives off a funny noise. You should go over them and make sure that they are tight.

DIY Gas Golf Cart Tips

A gas golf cart works like a typical car. You are likely to face some of the issues that you get with your car. It’s a good idea to pull the dip stick and check oil every so often. We also recommend inspection the air filter to be sure its clean. We usually recommend once a year to go ahead and change the oil and filter.

Golf Cart Spark Plug Service

You may have a hard time starting the cart if the spark plugs are not clean. It is also good to make sure that they are spaced apart well. The wires could get fried if they come into contact.

Electric Golf Carts Batteries

Winter is not the season for golf. Most people leave their carts in their garages. It is important that you keep them charged during the cold season. It is Important to note that lead acid batteries need to be stored when they are charged. It is possible to cause serious damage to the batteries if they are stored for a long time without charging. One of the effects is that the batteries might not be able to charge normally. The battery level could be very low that it is not able to activate charging.

A solution to this is to find another cart that has a battery with the same voltage as yours. You can then connect the two with jumper cables and then connect the charger. This will fool the charger into thinking that the battery pack is charged and allows charging to resume. It is important to be cautious when doing this because you might damage the electronics with too much power.

DIY Golf Cart Charger Tips

The issue lies with the battery whenever you feel like your golf cart is not performing well most of the time. The golf cart might be taking too long to charge to full capacity in some cases. You should try and check the state of your charger from time to time. The current should range between 15 and 20 amps when the cart is charging. The charger might have an issue if it does not fall within this range.