· Matt Rogers

4 Common Questions About Buying A Golf Cart

Maybe it’s because we are all staying at home more, that we notice it. Perhaps it’s because families aren’t going on vacation and are looking for some new way to get around the neighborhood. Whatever it is, you may have seen more golf carts around your neighborhood. 

When you are ready to make the jump into having a golf cart, you may think about buying a used one. Here’s some questions you may have as you start the process:

  1. Does an electric golf cart come with new batteries? 

    While you may find a great deal on a used golf cart, if it’s an electric golf cart, having to replace a battery can suddenly make it not such a great deal. How long a golf cart battery can last depends on many things, including how hard the cart was used before you bought it. A three-year-old cart that was used for hours every day at a golf course won’t have the same battery life as a golf cart that was used just a few times a week to drive to the dock and back. 
  2. Have the golf carts been serviced?

    One benefit of buying from a top golf cart dealer, like RMI, is that your used cart will be serviced before you buy it. Examples of used carts services can include things such as general tuneups, testing and potentially replacing batteries. Additionally, it's important to make sure your used cart has had an inspection to correct any safety issues before you make the purchase. 
  3. Do golf carts come with any kind of warranty? 

    Just like when you buy a car, a warranty is important. Depending on the age and condition, the golf cart could be sold “as-is” or could include limited warranties. Many reputable dealers will include a one-year warranty on new batteries and chargers. 
  4. What kind of golf cart maintenance am I responsible for?  

    Many times a small problem can be fixed more economically if it’s found early on compared to letting it turn into a big problem. RMI offers a service package that helps take the burden off of you for the general maintenance of your golf cart. The annual service package includes a top to bottom inspection of everything from brakes to connections to batteries or fuel. 

Do you have more questions? We are happy to answer them. Give us a call the next time you need some answers.