How Much Does A Golf Cart Cost

cost for a used golf cart ezgo used

Buying a new golf cart can feel a lot like buying a new car. And while golf carts don’t offer options from self crank windows to air conditioned seats, there’s a wide array of features you can choose or ignore that can impact the price you’ll pay for a new golf cart. Just like when it comes time to go to a car dealership, the better prepared you are, the happier you will be with your new purchase. 

As you choose your next golf cart there’s plenty to keep in mind. And much of what you choose can impact the price you’ll pay. Let’s say you’ve got your heart set on a new E-Z-Go model.

It goes without saying, the make and model you choose will determine where the price begins, a new Ford F-150 is going to cost more than a Dodge Dart.  

Gas or battery

While both power options have their benefits, going with a lithium battery option will typically increase the price of your E-Z-Go golf cart by about 20%. The cost savings however can be recouped by having no future fuel costs. 


Cost can also be impacted when it comes time to choose your color. For example the new E-Z-Go Freedom RXV Elite comes with standard color options of blue, black, red, gray and white. When it comes time to see an upgrade though is when you decide to change your color to something like Almond or Metallic Charcoal. Pricing increases can range anywhere for $300 to $500. 


If you want to have your golf cart flash, depending on the model, upgrading from the standard wheels can bump the price up from the standard model by as much as $500. 


Unless you plan on taking the convertible approach where you store your golf cart in the garage and only bring it out on sunny days, you’ll want a top on your cart. Depending on your model and brand, a top will likely be $400 or more. It’s something you’ll be glad you had the first time you are driving the neighborhood and a spring shower pops up. 

Windshields can also be included and also have the ability to be tinted. 

Other features

If you can dream it, chances are RMI can deliver it. Besides the previously mentioned, there’s some other features that are available from the factory. 

Some of those include: 

  • Premium or two-toned seats

  • Audio systems and speakers

  • LED Lights

  • Glove boxes

  • Turn signals

It’s hard to say exactly what the right fit for you is in terms of a new golf cart. The best way to find out what you need is to head into our showroom or website and look around. With our years of expertise, we’re happy to help guide you to a golf cart you’ll love for years to come.

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2020 Golf Cart Models and Features

new 2020 ezgo golf cart models

Gone are the days when a simple white golf cart will suffice for getting around the course, the cul-de-sac or the lake. Just like your car, your home and your phone, you want functionality, the latest technology and maybe a little flash as well. The newest 2020 golf carts to hit the market have just that. Things such as usb charging ports are becoming standard, but the ability to customize almost everything else in your new golf cart from color to head lights is on the table as well. 

Take a look as some of the newest options for Yamaha 2020 Golf Carts as well as the 2020 E-Z-GO Golf Carts. 

Yamaha 2020 Golf Carts

New colors have been rolled out this year for selected models of the Yamaha line. The new matte finishes include Arctic Drift, Mica (a bronze metallic), graphite and atomic flame. While not available on all models, they are on many including Drive2 PTV model. 

Additionally Yamaha’s 2020 models include an LED emblem that’s upgradeable as well as headlights. 

The final big change that has come with the 2020 Yamaha models is the mechanized windshield. Windshields are especially important for the non golf course models. Having Yamaha take special care to improve this area shows that nearly every detail is being taken into account in the 2020 model. This comes with the Drive2 featuring the most interior room in the industry and now it also features an independent rear suspension. 

If buying a new golf cart is in your future, consider these features and reach out directly to us at  (913) 829-1211 or visit our new cart inventory

E-Z-GO 2020 Golf Carts

One thing E-Z-GO is proud to do is stand behind its product. In 2020, many of the E-Z-GO models, such as the EXPRESS S4 ELITE, feature a zero maintenance lithium battery that comes with an eight-year warranty. That’s a warranty that’s tough to beat in the golf cart industry, no matter the brand. 

For those who want a little bit more power with their golf cart, the EXPRESS S4 Gas has that. In 2020 this model comes with a standard brush guard, a convertible rear seat as well as nine different colors to choose from. 

Whether it’s a new or used model you are looking for, there’s no better way to tell exactly what you need until you get behind the wheel. Head into RMI Golf Carts to see which cart in our inventory is the right fit for you. 

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Buying a Golf Cart - Should I Buy Used or New

should i buy a used or new golf cart
Golf carts have been taking on a new meaning over the past few years. What once was thought as something just for the fairways, golf carts have now made their way to their neighborhood. Look close and you might find one of our carts parked in your neighbor's driveway. 
With the new ways to use your golf cart, the question keeps coming up. "Should I buy a used or new golf cart from RMI?" 
We have broken our some of the reasons that may help you decide if you should buy a used or new golf cart to cruise around your subdivision.  Here is some helpful golf cart purchasing advice to help you make the best decision possible.

New Golf Carts

A new golf cart may come with enhanced features that last year's model did not have. All of these new bells and whistles add money to the bottom line. As time goes on, these features may become available as an add-on for later models. Depending on how flashy you want your golf cart to be, this may be a determining factor in purchasing a new model. 

A manufacturers warranty also comes with a new model. This is always a plus if you are unfamiliar with the workings of an electric or gas-powered golf cart. Buying new also comes with great financing options from RMI.


  • More features to choose from
  • Factory warranty
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Dealer incentives
  • Financing

Used Golf Carts

If you are looking to find a golf cart that is a bit more budget friendly, look no further than used. You can also get rid of those prior misconceptions of needing to be able to fix lots of problems that that come with buying used. Many of the used carts at RMI come with one year warranties. 
If you still want the look of new, RMI also offers refurbished carts. Many of these carts look brand new, but don't come with the new price tag. These refurbished carts may have new bodies, batteries, wheels, tires, seats, or more.


  • Less expensive than new
  • Refurbished carts look new
  • Warranty
Golf carts are a great way to get around communities, lakes and golf courses. Some are even allowed on public streets. Use your common sense in selecting a new or used model that will give you a convenient way to travel.   
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Best Golf Cart Accessories

Golf Cart Accessories at RMI

If you want to drive a cool golf cart around your neighborhood, you'll need to upgrade it with practical and convenient accessories. Although many products can enhance a golf cart on a course, there are only a few golf cart accessories and golf cart add ons that can provide helpful benefits on streets and paths in your neighborhood. 


In most neighborhoods, the streets have bikers and teen drivers who you will be sharing the road with, which is why you'll need strategic mirrors that can detect everything in the surroundings. The best mirrors for a golf cart that's driven on local streets should have adjustable hardware. Mirrors that move boost safety because they can be easily adjusted according to each driver's height and driving habits. 


Many brands make covers for golf carts that serve various purposes. If you buy a cover that's thick and dense, you'll keep rain off the cart when sudden storms occur in your neighborhood. A cover that's designed with mesh pieces will give you opportunities to unwind comfortably on a hot day while the cart is parked. The mesh material is the key element that makes a mesh cover unique because it lets fresh air into a cabin while keeping bugs away. 

Steering Wheel Cover 

A steering wheel cover can provide performance perks and flair. Thick rubber covers boost performance by giving enhancing grip. A firm grip is important while driving a golf cart as it can simplify the process of steering around obstacles on streets and paths. All performance covers for golf carts are available in a variety of colors, so you'll have no problems picking an accessory that will give your cabin curb appeal. 

If you're going to drive your golf cart at night, select a wheel cover that's a bright, vibrant color. A bold shade will pop after the sun sets, and it will make your golf cart appealing when it's parked in a dim driveway. 

Rocker Panels 

In order to keep your cart looking cool, you'll need to keep the cabin clean. The big problem is that debris can easily stain surfaces inside the cart. A rocker panel with a diamond plate is the solution to this problem because it has etches and grooves that wipe away grass, dirt, and mud that commonly sticks to shoe soles. Rocker panels for golf carts are compatible with a variety of vintage and modern carts. 

Fender Flares 

Fender flares are ideal accessories for a golf cart that's driven on off-road trails. These parts mount directly over the wheel wells, and certain pieces can provide flair if the color scheme blends with the paint on a golf cart. 

When a golf car has bold fender flairs, the wheels pop. Also, after flairs are installed, people who roam on the streets won't have to avoid your cart as the tires roll over obstacles because the flairs will protect them from general road hazards. Fender flairs can block: 

  • Sand
  • Rocks
  • Mud

Light Kits 

Lighting kits are golf cart add ons that increase safety and increase awareness during the night. If you only want to reach various destinations without worrying about visibility problems, simply upgrade your dull lights with traditional LED bulbs. These bulbs will illuminate the surroundings effectively from a distance. In order to make everyone notice your cart at night, you'll need to equip the unit with colorful lights. There are lights in a variety of bold colors, and some products can be mounted underneath a golf cart's cabin. 


Windshields are tactical golf cart accessories that can help you commute to different areas throughout the spring and summer more efficiently. On a spring or summer day, harsh sunlight can shine on a traditional windshield, and the glare can make the process of scanning the surroundings tough. Tinted windshields resolve this problem, and you can install them in front of the steering wheel on a golf cart. 

Pressure Washer 

Pressure washing equipment will simplify maintenance routines after dirt and grime build up on the exterior housing. Although you can wash a golf cart with a rag and a bucket of soapy water, pressure washing equipment provides faster results.

Stop by our shop today and start accessorizing your cart.

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How To Properly Charge A Golf Cart Battery

Golf Cart Batteries at RMI

We've already gone over the value and advantages of powering your cart with a lithium battery, but to make sure you treat your transport with as much TLC as it deserves, learning to charge those batteries requires you to learn a little more about doing it properly. 

What battery type does your cart use? 
You’re in luck: there are only two types of batteries made for golf carts, so identifying the proper power source is your first job. Your vehicle may be engineered for a 36-volt system (that’s six 6-volt batteries) all the way up to a 48-volt system that is driven by either six 8-volt batteries or four 12-volt batteries, all of which belong in what’s called the deep cycle lead-acid battery family. 

The first relies upon electrolyte levels maintained within each cell, while the second, lithium-ion, offers limitless benefits via power-pushing conductive cells that rely upon ion production to keep these batteries cranking out power at an efficient rate. Since lithium batteries don’t rely upon liquid electrolytes, you won’t be burdened with constant fuel level monitoring or refilling if your golf cart is powered by energy-efficient lithium. 

Is one superior to the other? 
That can depend upon the cart you drive, the replacement battery cost and your cart’s age. If you’re driving a dinosaur that just keeps going, you’ll spend less cash on a lead-acid unit when compared to its cousin. Plenty of duffers stick with this lead-acid because they resist change. Folks who already complain that they spend too much on their favorite sport may balk at spending even more on the lithium upgrade. On the other hand, lithium has so many benefits, plenty of golf cart owners have become converts once they learn that lithium-ion batteries deliver on these 4 points: 

1. They’re small, compact, light and efficient (on average half the size). 
2. They charge faster and stick around 5-times longer than lead-acid units. 
3. They’re more reliable and environmentally friendly. 
4. In the end, they deliver more cost-efficient rounds of golf (or trips to your neighbors house). 

An industry in flux 
According to members of the battery industry, this is an industry in flux because the only thing you can count on is that you’ll have to take a pass on your game until your cart is recharged. A lead-acid battery can slow a cart down and take 8 hours to get up to speed, while lithium can get you to around 80-percent capacity in an hour. Replace a lead-acid battery with lithium and you could see a nice performance boost, but you will have paid a price to do it. 

But, here’s the quandary: cart owners have relied upon lead acid batteries for so long, they are almost conditioned to choose them. In fact, the demand for cart batteries is expected to continue to increase and lead-acid models generally make up the majority of those, so never underestimate consumer preference.

How to charge a lead-acid cart battery 
The process of charging this type of battery isn’t uncomplicated, so do it correctly and extend the life of the battery and cut back on the number of times you seek golf cart repair. Follow these steps: 

-Read all of the instructions that came with your battery twice. 
-Plan to routinely charge your battery after every use so it’s always ready to go. 
-Charge in a well-ventilated area to avoid gases that build up during charge time. 
-Take a pass on charging your golf cart in high temperatures. 
-Understand that ion batteries needn’t be fully discharged to take a new charge. 
-Double check voltage settings and compensate for temperatures above 80-degrees F. 
-Check water levels and tighten vent caps. 

How to charge a lithium-ion cart battery 
First: the gorilla in the room. You may wonder if you can replace a lead-acid battery with a lithium battery and in fact, it’s done-—as long as the replacement doesn’t operate on what’s called automatic “equalization mode.” If the motor can't be permanently turned off while charging, a battery could sustain damage, sending you to the land of golf cart repair. Your best bet is installing a product designed with a specific algorithm that protects your battery’s health, performance and life span and then follow these steps: 

-Read the instructions appearing on the literature that came with your battery. 
-Don’t charge the battery if the temperature is extreme; either too cold or hot. 
-Turn the cart off while undertaking the charging process so the battery reaches a proper saturation point. 
-Don’t fully-charge because less is always better when it comes to lithium-ion. 
-If the battery or charging unit starts to heat up in mid-process, give it a rest. 
-Become accustomed to the way your cart battery indicates readiness. When in doubt, read the manual. 

Is it time for you to change the battery in your golf cart? 
Properly diagnosing the health of your cart batteries before deciding to replace your unit is important so you don’t spend money and time to change battery in golf cart that doesn’t need changing. Consult a battery hydrometer if you’ve a lead-acid battery. All you may need is an assessment of electrolyte gravity. On the other hand, if either battery type is over the age of three, look for signs that your battery has given all it has to give and needs replacement. 

Gather up your tools, battery carry straps, rags, a scrub brush, safety goggles, a good corrosion block product and situate yourself near a water source. Disconnect and remove the old battery, clean out the battery hold with a hose and let dry (you can use a hair dryer). Apply corrosive block to the frame so it comes into the best contact with the new battery and install it. Hook up the cables and once everything looks good, take a test drive so no surprises await next time you’ve got your clubs ready for 18 holes. 

Need more info about batteries? Give us a call at any time and we would be glad to help you out.

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How To Fix A Golf Cart Flat Tire

Fix a Flat Golf Cart Tire in Kansas City
There are number of ways that can lead to a flat tire. However, this does not mean that you have to haul your golf cart to the nearest repair shop every time. This post will give you complete instructions on how to replace and fix a flat tire on your golf cart. 

Replace the Tire

Most golf carts of recent times have tubeless tires. This gives you enough time to make your way to a flat surface for replacing the tire. Here is what you will need to repair golf cart tire.

  • Floor jack
  • Socket
  • Ratchet wrench
  • Replacement tire

You can replace a golf cart flat tire in three easy steps. However, make sure that the ignition is off before you begin replacing a tire. You should also ensure that the cart is in park with the brake on to avoid any nasty surprises.

Step 1: Use the Floor Jack

It is advisable that you bring the golf cart to a flat surface if possible. This will allow you to place the small floor jack correctly under the vehicle frame. Be sure to place the jack under the axle and not the cart body. Do not raise the golf cart right away. You need to remove the lug nuts first.

Step 2: Remove the Nuts

Remove the wheel cover to start on the lug nuts. Use a right sized socket and ratchet wrench to loosen the nuts. However, do not remove them completely. Raise the golf cart so that the flat tire is barely off the ground.

Remove the lug nuts and be sure to keep them safe. Nuts are prone to rolling off under the cart in difficult to reach places. Remove the tire and replace it with a new one.

Step 3: Fix the New Tire

Put on the new tire by fixing it on the spokes. Replace all the lug nuts and screw them on one by one. You do not need to tighten them right away. Lower the jack until there is just enough pressure on the new tire to prevent it from slipping.

Use the socket to tighten all lug nuts. Make sure that you do this right to prevent the new wheel from coming right off. Next, lower the cart all the way until it rests equally on all 4 wheels and replace the wheel cover.

You can easily replace a flat tire on your golf cart with these steps. However, it is possible that you might not have a spare at all times. This is where fixing a flat tire comes in handy.

Fix  a Flat Tire

One of the most popular golf cart flat tire fixing kits available in the market are from E-Z-Go. The E-Z-Go tire repair kit makes it convenient for you to fix a flat in minutes.

What does it include?

The kit comes complete with everything you need to fix a flat. You will not have to buy any unnecessary tools or parts. The components of an E-Z-Go tire repair kit are as below:

  • Pliers
  • Probe Tool & Nozzle
  • Rasp Tool
  • Plug Gun
  • Plugs
  • Retractable Razor

All these parts come in a handy parts bag to keep it all in one place.

Safety Gear

Every DIY job entails safety precautions. It is no different to repair golf cart tire. You need to make sure that you have the following safety equipment handy before you undertake a job.

  • Safety Glasses
  • Protective Footwear
  • Protective Gloves
  • Protective Apron

The Procedure

You need to make sure that the ignition is off and park brake is set before you attempt at removing a flat tire. Once the flat tire removed, follow these simple steps to repair the damage.

Check for Leaks

It is advisable to check for additional damage even if the obstruction is obvious. You need to consider the possibility that there might be more than one hole or leak. Pour small amounts of soap solution on the tire slowly making sure to cover all spots.

Bubbles will appear wherever there is a leak or a hole. Alternatively, if you have a large enough tub, you can even dunk the entire tire in soapy water. This will give you a true picture of the number of holes and leaks.

Remove Obstruction

Use the handy pliers to remove any obstructions you see in the tire surface. It is recommended to remove small stones even where there is no hole. You can prolong the life of your tire by doing this. Some obstructions could be embedded deep into the rubber. Use a combination of twisting and pulling to pry it free from the tire.

Inspect the Area

There could be small bits left in the hole. Use the probe tool to inspect it thoroughly by digging it deep.

Ream Out the hole

The rasp tool is handy in reaming out any damaged area. This step is necessary to ensure that the tire plug sets in perfectly. Push the tool inside the damaged area completely in a screw motion.

Plug the Hole

E-Z-Go tire kits come complete with tire plugs. Remove nozzle of the plug gun and insert a tire plug in it. Use the nozzle adapter to push the plug head all the way into the barrel. Now, attach the nozzle and push it into the damaged area.

Insert the plug by making use of the crank handle. Make sure that you leave a finger width space on the plunger. This will ensure that there is a small piece of plug stem remaining at the top for you to set it properly. Release the crank and repeat the process one more time. Slowly pull out the plug gun and nozzle in one easy motion.

Set Plunger

Use pliers to set the plunger in properly by pulling out a small bit and then pushing it in the whole way.

Trim Plug Stem

Use the retractable razor to evenly cut the plug stem at tire tread level.


It is extremely easy to fix flat tire when the damaged area is small. However, with proper care and regular maintenance you can ensure that your tires are not damaged. The right tire repair kit can make repairing painless and uncomplicated.

Swing by RMI the next time you need to get a new tire, or if you aren't up for the job yourself.

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Golf Cart Rentals for Events


Kansas City Golf Cart Rentals

From work functions to family reunions or fundraisers, if you’re planning an event and need to move people or things more than 50 feet, a golf cart shuttle rental can be a smart investment that ensures your big day goes off without a hitch.

Golf cart rentals for events big and small

Golf cart rentals are affordable, making them suitable for events as small as a wedding or as large as marathons, multi-stage music festivals, or other affairs, where multiple golf carts may be desired. Rentals can typically be picked up from the rental location or delivered. There’s a wide range of cart types available, some more suitable as people movers and others more ideal for hauling things.

Golf Cart Rentals at RMI in Olathe

Selecting the right cart

There's an assortment of golf carts available to suit a variety of needs, including 2-, 4-, and 6-passenger golf carts as well as utility carts.

Passenger golf cart rentals are perfect for shuttling people. For example, they can be used at weddings to transport the wedding party, elderly and less mobile guests, or parents with young children. This transportation option can be especially crucial in particularly hot, sunny, or cold climates, where a long walk may be taxing on guests. Passenger golf carts are also perfect for moving staff or organizers around quickly, ensuring security, photographers, and event organizers or planners at parties or charity events can get where they need to be in seconds rather than minutes.

Utility carts are well-suited for hauling gear or supplies—for example, water coolers at a 5K race, audio equipment at a concert, or folding chairs, gifts, and plants at a wedding. Depending on the model, they can also be useful for medical personnel who may need to transport patients at marathons, music festivals, or other public events.

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Picking the Right Golf Cart Trailer

Golf cart on trailer kansas city

Golf season is one of the most exhilarating times of the year. It is the time where you head to the golf course during every spare minute to work on your swing and lower your handicap. Perhaps you are a more casual golfer and you just enjoy spending time with your family and friends in beautiful nature. Either way, golf is pure fun. However, golf can get pretty expensive. If you have decided to purchase a golf cart instead of paying expensive rental fees, you will save a great deal of money each year. Having the right trailer for your golf cart is essential. Here are a few ways that you can pick the right golf cart trailer.

Golf cart trailer size

You need to make sure that you are buying a trailer that is going to be the right size for your golf cart. If the trailer is too big, your cart may potentially move around in your trailer causing an unnecessary accident. Five feet by eight feet is a great size for a golf cart trailer.

The perfect trailer for golf carts at RMI

Make sure you have an easy way to load and unload your golf cart

The best golf cart trailers will have a simple way to load and unload your golf cart. When you are shopping for golf cart trailers, make sure that the back hatch can be used as a ramp for your golf cart. This will help you easily load and unload your golf cart without having to pack any additional ramps.

Golf cart trailer safety

It is important to think about safety when you are picking out your golf cart trailer. Make sure that the trailer you are choosing has great safety rating. The right lights will be essential when you are traveling in heavy traffic. Read reviews online to find out which golf cart trailers are going to give you the best safety on the road.

These are just a few of the many different ways in which you will be able to pick the right golf cart trailer. Remember, you can't drive your golf cart to the golf course. You need to be able to transport your golf cart safely to the course with the proper trailer.

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Custom Golf Cart Wheel Guide


RMI Golf Cart Wheels

If you've owned a golf cart for any length of time, the impulse to customize it is natural. The easiest way to personalize a cart is by upgrading to custom golf cart wheels. There's certainly no shortage of golf cart rims and tires to choose from. Here's a quick introductory guide to the rich world of custom golf cart wheels.

Popular Types and Styles Available

As far as custom golf cart rims go, you'll generally have the choice between steel and aluminum. Rims or wheels can feature a chrome, polished or machined finish. Rim diameters typically range from 8 to 14 inches. Popular tire tread options include smooth, knobby and all-terrain to name just a few.

The Specifications You'll Encounter

Standard golf cart wheels are listed as 18 x 8.50-8. This means that the tires are 18 inches in diameter and mounted on 8-inch rims. When it comes to lug configurations, the "4 on 4" setup is the most common. This means that there are four lugs arranged in a square pattern.

Course Restrictions Worth Knowing About

Before you spring for a set of custom rims and tires, you should research course restrictions where you play most. Many courses ban knobby tires meant to negotiate muddy ground. Others ban certain "flashy" rims due to aesthetic factors. Run potential wheel upgrades by the management of your local club before you buy.

Cool Golf Cart Wheels Kansas City

Common Installation Considerations

Golf carts require lift kits to install tires larger than a certain size. For instance, Yamaha carts can accept up to 20-inch tires without alteration. A 5-inch lift kit will allow a Yamaha cart to accept up to 22-inch tires. It's important to note that larger tires will require special "negative offset" rims to avoid rubbing up against the cart's body.

General Price Ranges You'll Encounter

If you'd like to take a moderate step up from stock wheels and rubber, a set of 10-inch rims and tires can be had for as little as $500. Larger 14-inch wheels with matching tires can cost less than $700. Buying tires and wheels as a set will greatly reduce the total pricetag.

The Best Cart Gear for the Lowest Prices Possible

Nowadays, cart owners don't have to break the bank when upgrading their wheels and tires. There are plenty of third-party parts vendors out there that can help you to make wise purchases and save you a bundle at the same time.

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How to Change Golf Cart Oil

Gasoline-powered, E-Z-GO golf carts are equipped with an internal combustion engine similar to the motor installed in passenger automobiles. A golf cart must undergo regular maintenance like vehicles powered by traditional engines. E-Z-GO recommends that owners change the engine oil every 125 hours of operation or a minimum of twice a year. To keep your cart in the best condition possible, follow the instructions in your owner’s manual as well as the tips provided in this guide on how to change golf cart oil.

Tools and Materials

Before beginning the process, you will need to gather some tools and materials. Essential items include:

  • Lint-free rag
  • Wrench
  • Oil drain pan
  • Funnel
  • 10W-30 grade motor oil
  • Replacement oil filter
  • Work gloves
  • Safety glasses

How to Change Golf Cart Oil

It is easier to change the oil when the engine is warm. As a safety precaution, wear heavy work gloves. Put on eye protection to avoid splashing oil in your eyes.

  1. Park the golf cart on a level surface. Start the engine, and allow it to warm up. Once the engine is warm, apply the parking brake, stop the engine and remove the ignition key.
  2. Use the lint-free cloth to clean off the engine oil cap along with the area surrounding it. This will help prevent debris from inadvertently entering the engine when the cap is removed. Put the cap aside in a safe location.
  3. Place the drain pan under the oil filter. The filter is installed within a triangular-shaped housing, which is attached to the engine by three bolts.
  4. Use the wrench to remove the retaining bolts. Pull the filter out of the engine. Set the rubber O-ring off to the side. Let the oil drain into the pan.
  5. Wipe the area surrounding the oil filter mounting point with the lint-free rag. Replace golf cart oil filter with a correctly sized new one using the O-ring to seal it. In some cases, you may be able to clean the oil filter with engine degreaser or compressed air. When using a degreaser, allow the filter to air dry before reinstallation. If you use compressed air, do not exceed 30 pounds per square inch, and keep the nozzle at least 3 inches away from the filter.
  6. After sliding the oil filter into place, reinstall the three retaining bolts with a wrench.
  7. Insert the funnel into the filler cap opening. Pour small amounts of 10W-30 grade motor oil into the funnel. Stop periodically to check the fluid level on the engine oil dipstick. It has two lines. The bottom line indicates the minimum amount required for safe engine operation. The top line just below the letter “F” indicates the full mark. Pour oil into the engine until the level is between the two lines.
  8. Remove the funnel, reinstall the cap and wipe away any spilled oil.

When you change the oil and replace golf cart oil filter as recommended, you will prolong the service life of your cart.

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