· Bil Brauer

Cool Ways to Customize Your Golf Cart

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Golf carts are a great way to get around your neighborhood. From transporting a heavy cooler to a cookout or enjoying the evening air on the way to a friend's house, having a cool golf cart is one life's little joys.There's no reason not to make your neighborhood stand out. Customizing a golf cart can make your vehicle the talk of the town.

What are some ways to customize a golf cart?

When it comes to golf cart customizations, there are many fun ways to make your cart your own. Here are a few suggestions for ways to create a really cool golf cart.


The first way you can add some style and flair to your golf cart is by choosing your wheels. You can soup up your ride by adding new tires and rims. There are a few different types of tires to consider when customizing a golf cart:

  • Street tires--These tires are perfect for the driver who wants to stay on the beaten path. These tires are good on paved surfaces, like residential streets and sidewalks

  • Off-roading tires--These tires have deeper treads that give the cart more traction when driving over more rugged terrain. While you likely won't take your golf cart into the wild, off-roading tires give you a little more gusto if you know you need to go through grass, dirt or woodland paths.
Body Customizations

The next part to consider during golf cart customizations is the body. The most obvious way to create a distinctive look is with the color. By choosing the paint color used on the body, you'll give your vehicle a real personality. You can also get creative by adding decals to represent your favorite team, school or anything else.

Steering Wheel

Golf cart steering wheels come in a variety of shapes and colors. Choosing the steering wheel is one of the easiest ways to customize your golf cart.

Lift Kit

If you love big trucks and rough terrain, a lift kit might be a good choice for you. A lift kit allows you to add much larger, all-terrain tires to the golf cart. Plus, it makes your ride look pretty cool. Lift kits come in different varieties, so be sure to ask your golf cart experts which kit is right or you. 

Light Bar
Going places at night? A LED light bar might be a good addition. There is a variety of different lights to consider to add some personality to your golf cart.

Just because you aren't going far doesn't mean you don't deserve some great tunes! Adding a stereo is a great way to customize your cart. Play your own personal theme song so the neighbors hear you coming!

Contact RMI and we will help you get your golf cart customized to your liking.