DIY How to Maintain & Repair Golf Cart Brakes RMI Golf Carts

Due to their low top speeds and mechanic simplicity, golf carts seem like they wouldn't require much maintenance. The truth is that they need as much TLC as any other vehicle especially if they're driven hard in all kinds of conditions. If you've ever wondered how to clean golf cart brakes or how to adjust golf cart brakes, this quick guide will answer those questions and more.

How to Clean Golf Cart Brakes

To clean your cart's brakes, you'll need to elevate the axle you're working on with a standard floor jack. Remove the wheels and the brake drums from the studs. Next, take an aerosol brake parts cleaner and blast the entire area free of dust and rust from the shoes. Finally, use a clean rag soaked in WD-40 to wipe away accumulated grime.

How to Adjust Golf Cart Brakes

Older carts have an adjusting screw or bolt on the backside of the drum. Turn it so that the screw presses the shoes against the drum. Spin the wheel by hand as you go and back off when you feel resistance. Newer carts have self-adjusting shoes with springs that should be cleaned with a solvent and lubricated to ensure smooth braking action.

How to Replace Golf Cart Brakes

Eventually, a cart's brakes will wear down to the point where they can't operate properly. To replace old shoes or drums, you'll need to remove the brake drums and the two shoes on each wheel hub. Spray down the whole wheel hub assembly with brake cleaner before proceeding. Slap the new shoes into their pistons and replace the drum.

Long-Term Golf Cart Brake Maintenance Tips

Ultimately, proper tire inflation is one of the best ways to get the most life out of your golf cart's brakes. Keep those tires at the manufacturer's recommended pressure to avoid uneven wear. Furthermore, you should lubricate the moving parts in the suspension on a yearly basis. Last but not least, address symptoms of brake problems like squealing or locking immediately as they arise.

The Keys to Golf Cart Brake Health

Ultimately, golf cart brakes aren't complicated or hard to maintain. Awareness, attention to detail and prudent brake parts purchases will save you loads of time and money in the long run. Buy quality parts when necessary, do the job right when repairs are required and the brakes should last forever under normal circumstances.