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Custom Golf Cart Wheel Guide


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If you've owned a golf cart for any length of time, the impulse to customize it is natural. The easiest way to personalize a cart is by upgrading to custom golf cart wheels. There's certainly no shortage of golf cart rims and tires to choose from. Here's a quick introductory guide to the rich world of custom golf cart wheels.

Popular Types and Styles Available

As far as custom golf cart rims go, you'll generally have the choice between steel and aluminum. Rims or wheels can feature a chrome, polished or machined finish. Rim diameters typically range from 8 to 14 inches. Popular tire tread options include smooth, knobby and all-terrain to name just a few.

The Specifications You'll Encounter

Standard golf cart wheels are listed as 18 x 8.50-8. This means that the tires are 18 inches in diameter and mounted on 8-inch rims. When it comes to lug configurations, the "4 on 4" setup is the most common. This means that there are four lugs arranged in a square pattern.

Course Restrictions Worth Knowing About

Before you spring for a set of custom rims and tires, you should research course restrictions where you play most. Many courses ban knobby tires meant to negotiate muddy ground. Others ban certain "flashy" rims due to aesthetic factors. Run potential wheel upgrades by the management of your local club before you buy.

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Common Installation Considerations

Golf carts require lift kits to install tires larger than a certain size. For instance, Yamaha carts can accept up to 20-inch tires without alteration. A 5-inch lift kit will allow a Yamaha cart to accept up to 22-inch tires. It's important to note that larger tires will require special "negative offset" rims to avoid rubbing up against the cart's body.

General Price Ranges You'll Encounter

If you'd like to take a moderate step up from stock wheels and rubber, a set of 10-inch rims and tires can be had for as little as $500. Larger 14-inch wheels with matching tires can cost less than $700. Buying tires and wheels as a set will greatly reduce the total pricetag.

The Best Cart Gear for the Lowest Prices Possible

Nowadays, cart owners don't have to break the bank when upgrading their wheels and tires. There are plenty of third-party parts vendors out there that can help you to make wise purchases and save you a bundle at the same time.