· Matt Rogers

Buying a Golf Cart - Should I Buy Used or New

should i buy a used or new golf cart
Golf carts have been taking on a new meaning over the past few years. What once was thought as something just for the fairways, golf carts have now made their way to their neighborhood. Look close and you might find one of our carts parked in your neighbor's driveway. 
With the new ways to use your golf cart, the question keeps coming up. "Should I buy a used or new golf cart from RMI?" 
We have broken our some of the reasons that may help you decide if you should buy a used or new golf cart to cruise around your subdivision.  Here is some helpful golf cart purchasing advice to help you make the best decision possible.

New Golf Carts

A new golf cart may come with enhanced features that last year's model did not have. All of these new bells and whistles add money to the bottom line. As time goes on, these features may become available as an add-on for later models. Depending on how flashy you want your golf cart to be, this may be a determining factor in purchasing a new model. 

A manufacturers warranty also comes with a new model. This is always a plus if you are unfamiliar with the workings of an electric or gas-powered golf cart. Buying new also comes with great financing options from RMI.


  • More features to choose from
  • Factory warranty
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Dealer incentives
  • Financing

Used Golf Carts

If you are looking to find a golf cart that is a bit more budget friendly, look no further than used. You can also get rid of those prior misconceptions of needing to be able to fix lots of problems that that come with buying used. Many of the used carts at RMI come with one year warranties. 
If you still want the look of new, RMI also offers refurbished carts. Many of these carts look brand new, but don't come with the new price tag. These refurbished carts may have new bodies, batteries, wheels, tires, seats, or more.


  • Less expensive than new
  • Refurbished carts look new
  • Warranty
Golf carts are a great way to get around communities, lakes and golf courses. Some are even allowed on public streets. Use your common sense in selecting a new or used model that will give you a convenient way to travel.