· Matt Rogers

Best Golf Cart Accessories

Golf Cart Accessories at RMI

If you want to drive a cool golf cart around your neighborhood, you'll need to upgrade it with practical and convenient accessories. Although many products can enhance a golf cart on a course, there are only a few golf cart accessories and golf cart add ons that can provide helpful benefits on streets and paths in your neighborhood. 


In most neighborhoods, the streets have bikers and teen drivers who you will be sharing the road with, which is why you'll need strategic mirrors that can detect everything in the surroundings. The best mirrors for a golf cart that's driven on local streets should have adjustable hardware. Mirrors that move boost safety because they can be easily adjusted according to each driver's height and driving habits. 


Many brands make covers for golf carts that serve various purposes. If you buy a cover that's thick and dense, you'll keep rain off the cart when sudden storms occur in your neighborhood. A cover that's designed with mesh pieces will give you opportunities to unwind comfortably on a hot day while the cart is parked. The mesh material is the key element that makes a mesh cover unique because it lets fresh air into a cabin while keeping bugs away. 

Steering Wheel Cover 

A steering wheel cover can provide performance perks and flair. Thick rubber covers boost performance by giving enhancing grip. A firm grip is important while driving a golf cart as it can simplify the process of steering around obstacles on streets and paths. All performance covers for golf carts are available in a variety of colors, so you'll have no problems picking an accessory that will give your cabin curb appeal. 

If you're going to drive your golf cart at night, select a wheel cover that's a bright, vibrant color. A bold shade will pop after the sun sets, and it will make your golf cart appealing when it's parked in a dim driveway. 

Rocker Panels 

In order to keep your cart looking cool, you'll need to keep the cabin clean. The big problem is that debris can easily stain surfaces inside the cart. A rocker panel with a diamond plate is the solution to this problem because it has etches and grooves that wipe away grass, dirt, and mud that commonly sticks to shoe soles. Rocker panels for golf carts are compatible with a variety of vintage and modern carts. 

Fender Flares 

Fender flares are ideal accessories for a golf cart that's driven on off-road trails. These parts mount directly over the wheel wells, and certain pieces can provide flair if the color scheme blends with the paint on a golf cart. 

When a golf car has bold fender flairs, the wheels pop. Also, after flairs are installed, people who roam on the streets won't have to avoid your cart as the tires roll over obstacles because the flairs will protect them from general road hazards. Fender flairs can block: 

  • Sand
  • Rocks
  • Mud

Light Kits 

Lighting kits are golf cart add ons that increase safety and increase awareness during the night. If you only want to reach various destinations without worrying about visibility problems, simply upgrade your dull lights with traditional LED bulbs. These bulbs will illuminate the surroundings effectively from a distance. In order to make everyone notice your cart at night, you'll need to equip the unit with colorful lights. There are lights in a variety of bold colors, and some products can be mounted underneath a golf cart's cabin. 


Windshields are tactical golf cart accessories that can help you commute to different areas throughout the spring and summer more efficiently. On a spring or summer day, harsh sunlight can shine on a traditional windshield, and the glare can make the process of scanning the surroundings tough. Tinted windshields resolve this problem, and you can install them in front of the steering wheel on a golf cart. 

Pressure Washer 

Pressure washing equipment will simplify maintenance routines after dirt and grime build up on the exterior housing. Although you can wash a golf cart with a rag and a bucket of soapy water, pressure washing equipment provides faster results.

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