· Matt Rogers

2020 Golf Cart Models and Features

new 2020 ezgo golf cart models

Gone are the days when a simple white golf cart will suffice for getting around the course, the cul-de-sac or the lake. Just like your car, your home and your phone, you want functionality, the latest technology and maybe a little flash as well. The newest 2020 golf carts to hit the market have just that. Things such as usb charging ports are becoming standard, but the ability to customize almost everything else in your new golf cart from color to head lights is on the table as well. 

Take a look as some of the newest options for Yamaha 2020 Golf Carts as well as the 2020 E-Z-GO Golf Carts. 

Yamaha 2020 Golf Carts

New colors have been rolled out this year for selected models of the Yamaha line. The new matte finishes include Arctic Drift, Mica (a bronze metallic), graphite and atomic flame. While not available on all models, they are on many including Drive2 PTV model. 

Additionally Yamaha’s 2020 models include an LED emblem that’s upgradeable as well as headlights. 

The final big change that has come with the 2020 Yamaha models is the mechanized windshield. Windshields are especially important for the non golf course models. Having Yamaha take special care to improve this area shows that nearly every detail is being taken into account in the 2020 model. This comes with the Drive2 featuring the most interior room in the industry and now it also features an independent rear suspension. 

If buying a new golf cart is in your future, consider these features and reach out directly to us at  (913) 829-1211 or visit our new cart inventory

E-Z-GO 2020 Golf Carts

One thing E-Z-GO is proud to do is stand behind its product. In 2020, many of the E-Z-GO models, such as the EXPRESS S4 ELITE, feature a zero maintenance lithium battery that comes with an eight-year warranty. That’s a warranty that’s tough to beat in the golf cart industry, no matter the brand. 

For those who want a little bit more power with their golf cart, the EXPRESS S4 Gas has that. In 2020 this model comes with a standard brush guard, a convertible rear seat as well as nine different colors to choose from. 

Whether it’s a new or used model you are looking for, there’s no better way to tell exactly what you need until you get behind the wheel. Head into RMI Golf Carts to see which cart in our inventory is the right fit for you.