12V Dual USB Port Charger and 12V Receptacle : PF11500

RMI Golf Carts

Installing the Dual USB Port Charger and 12V Receptacle in your golf cart will satisfy your charging needs when they arise. Having a low battery in your smartphone when you need it most is always frustrating. This golf cart accessory includes 2 usb ports and one 12V receptacle which is great for charging eletronic gadgets such as tablets and Bluetooth audio speakers. You will have the ability to charge multiple devices while you are on the golf course or out on the trail. Find other essential golf cart accessories at Pro-Fitparts.com.  

  • Includes: Marinco Sealink Deluxe Dual USB Port Charger and 12V Receptacle (Installation instructions are on the back of the packaging) and insulated terminals included
  • Recommended use with the DC to DC Converter - Item # PF11474

  • Conveniently charge your smartphone/tablet using the  dual 12V USB ports or 12V receptacle

  • Cover resists water and dust

  • 12V input 

  • USB input: 5V DC - 2.1 amp DC total output

  • LED power indicator

  • 12V receptacle rated to 20 amps

  • *Does not include smartphone/tablet charger cord or installation wiring, dual USB port charger and 12V receptacle included only