Rental Cart Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of these frequently asked questions about renting a golf cart from RMI.


What type of golf carts do you rent?

We have 4, 6 passenger or utility carts available for rent. All of these are gas powered and have tops, but not enclosures. These tops do not cover the back seats.


How much do these golf carts cost to rent?

4 passenger carts are $150 per day.

6 passenger carts are $200 per day.

Utility carts are $150 per day.


What size of trailer do I need to transport the golf cart?

4 passenger carts need a 10ft x 5ft trailer. The cart width is 46” to 48”.

6 passenger carts need a 12ft x 5ft trailer. The cart width is 48” to 50”.

Utility carts need a 10ft x 5ft trailer. The cart width is 46” to 48”.


What else do I need when picking up my cart?

You will need to provide your own trailer and straps if picking up.


Where do I pick up the cart?

Cart pickup is located at the Olathe store. Pick up hours:  M-F 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.


Can I have the cart delivered?

Yes. If you choose delivery, we will deliver the day before and pick up the day after your event. We can’t promise a time of delivery/pick up – the driver will call you the day of delivery.   (Monday thru Friday only) 


How much is cart delivery?

Pickup & Delivery $150.00 per round trip in KC metro area only – all plus sales tax. Trips will depend on quantity ordered. We can haul 4 carts in 1 trip. Delivery cost is subject to change due to fluctuating gas prices.


How much can the utility cart bed hold?

The weight capacity for the utility bed is 200#.


Are these golf carts street legal?

These golf carts are not deemed “street legal”. It is your responsibility to make sure your community will allow you to drive in your neighborhood.


What driving tips do you have?

You must leave the key in the “OFF” position when not in use or you will run the battery down and the cart will not run. 

Driving cart at slow speed with lights on will not keep battery charged. 

New carts have an ignition time out program. If you leave the cart in the on position by mistake it will turn itself off. 

You will need to reset the ignition to restart the cart.

Leave key in the off position due to the oil light under the seat always being on causing the battery to run down.


Anything else I should know about the carts?

The back seat flips down to make a flat surface.

The carts have headlights and taillights.

Payment is due before carts will be delivered. 

This is a link to the Golf Car Rental Agreement and here are a few sample pictures of our carts. Please read all the terms of the agreement – fill out, sign, initial, date and return to or fax to 913-829-1609. We need the completed rental agreement back ASAP in order to secure the cart.

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